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Ms. Heather Cassady, Kindergarten Teacher, Kentucky, US

“I discovered the Early Reader Academy program and have enjoyed using it with my class and especially my struggling readers. These students often come to school not quite prepared for kindergarten and this gives me some wonderful material to use with them. The students all love the book, and I love the positive mindset aspect. It has been great to build their confidence and give them that little extra boost to know that they can do it! I especially love that the kids can create their own books, and become published Authors by the end of the process.”

Ms. Ayach, Kindergarten Teacher, BC Canada

“A fun-filled interactive journey! Explore letters A to Z through captivating alliterations and illustrations. My Kindergarten class chuckles and giggles as they turn the pages in search of Mo’ The Mouse! I love it so much I brought it home and my son is obsessed with reading this book every night. Captivating for readers of all ages!”

Mrs. Jennifer Papeika, Kindergarten Teacher, Masters in Early Childhood Education, ESOL Certification o

“I have been supplementing my Saxon Phonics material with Early Reader Academy. I love the Positive Alphabet with the growth mindset! The thing that really sells this is the whole ‘I AM’ in the program… Our kids don’t get that now, and we’re kind of treating them like robots. I have also been using this with my son who is in preschool and is working. Both my boys LOVE the book with sound effects; we loved it so much we got 3! I brought it to my school and all my co-workers love it too. Sign up, you’ll be so happy you did.”

Ms. Jessica Lambert, Education Assistant, BC, Canada

“An Educator MUST! I absolutely adore this! Each letter of the alphabet is presented with an unconventional and clever use of alliteration… which I loved! The story allows for laughs alongside learning; while promoting and familiarizing children/students with more advanced vocabulary. A classroom fave!

Mrs. Thomas, Elementary School Librarian, BC Canada
“This book is FANTASTIC! We all love it at our school, and can’t wait for the author to come for a reading when we are able.”
Ms. Cherrie MacLeod, Masters in Education Child Development

““Thank you so much for creating the Early Reader Academy program and kit. As an Early Childhood Educator, it’s so great to have access to a fun and playful resource that also incorporates growth mindset tools for our kiddos. All the affirmations in the workbook were definitely the highlight of the program for our daughter as well. She’d ask what certain words mean and we’d have a good chat with examples she could really relate to. Thank you so much again for creating such an incredible resource.”

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