Child Self Esteem & Reading

Building child self esteem early in life is one of those things on our minds as parents. Positive reading systems are a great way to build a rock solid mindset and ensure a positive future.

Teaching our kids how to read is hard!

Is there anything more frustrating than homeschooling when your amazing kid won’t sit still? Or, if they do, have arms crossed, head down, and won’t look up!

…Or, on the flip side, have a child who’s eager to learn, yet are so bored out of their minds, we don’t even know where to start?!

Hi, I‘m Laura,

I help parents ‘turn on’ your child’s full potential in an unconventional way. To help guide your early reader’s literacy skills, and build your child’s self esteem at the same time. 

The truth? I’m a working mom of 2 — and I built Early Reader Academy by accident… 

When my 4 and 6 year old were at home during quarantine in 2020, the onus was on me to prepare my kids for school, kindergarten & grade 1. 

My kids’ favourite book is my published children’s Book, ‘Happy Hippos Have Healthy Hips,’ (saying this as modestly as I can here – I wrote it for them) along with listening to the voice activated sound effects on the Novel Effect App…

So I thought…why not use what they love and create a reading curriculum that encompasses a positive vocabulary, concentration on affirmations and focuses on gratitude.

To my total shock, I had them both fully engaged, learning, reading, and building strong mindsets together. As I watched my 4 year old actually sit still and happily engage with the learning activities below, I found myself in a state of total euphoria. 

As the tears streamed down my face while they literally jumped up and down at the printer waiting for the next activities to come out, I realized this is a program that works.

If it can work for my super shy, highly over active and over-sensitive boy, and at the same time work for my eager, ready to learn daughter, maybe others would benefit from it too.

‘I had achieved what every other reading program, alphabet book, workbook, online reading games, and childcare provider had not – I was preparing them for school and they were finally learning to read. I was also preparing them for life and helping build their self esteem and confidence.’

As a child sexual abuse survivor and having been bullied as a child, my mindset is what saved my life.

I’ve been teaching my children about the positive “who cares” mentality, self care, positive affirmations, and growth mindset their whole lives.

I ended up building ERA as a passion project to help guide my children, and now am helping children around the globe and working on making a difference in the world revolved around mental health and children.

This program is to help young minds learn, grow and conquer this upside down world with confidence. To bond with our parents, learn to read, think positively and build a ‘who cares’ mentality along the way. Such that if someone says, “I don’t like your shoes,” a mindset response of “who cares, I like my shoes” is all that matters. This is what can mean the difference between a strong mind and one that can easily falter.


We’ve been partnering with companies and organizations to strengthen our system, such as teachers, principals, online book creators, publishers, mental health organizations, and ECE’s with Master Degrees in Education.

We’ve made our program as accessible as we can to everyone during these times, AND is now available totally FREE for 7 days for a limited time.

When you jump in, you’ll see why teachers and parents love our program, yes, but what you’ll really see is why our students love our program…you’ll see a turned on and engaged kid.

We’ve recently partnered with Novel Effect and CAMH to help our members and community as much as we can during these times.

With your membership, you’ll receive hundreds of printable activities, (the same ones I used to teach my children our positive reading method,) access to hundreds of unlocked ebooks using our partner Novel Effect’s Award Winning App, our gratitude book writing program, and so much more.

This passion project was created to make a difference in the world; 10% of our annual proceeds will now be going to CAMH in Toronto (The Centre for Addiction & Mental Health) to help children and moms with mental health & mindset.

We are bringing awareness to addiction and suicide.

Our goal is to save our children from suicide, and it all starts with us as parents; to help our children build a strong and positive mindset. To remove the negative noise and focus on the good — focus on gratitude.

With our partners ‘Book Creator,’ and Novel Effect, you’ll have access to create your very own ‘Book of Gratitude’ which we’ll place on the ‘Novel Effect’ App for all to read. ERA Book Publishing coming soon!

Mindset matters now more than ever.

Click HERE To Get Started With Your 7 Day FREE Trial Today!

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Interested in learning more, please check out our website HERE, email at info@earlyreaderacademy.ca or call our office at 604-371-2244.

We’re here for you always.

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