Laura Fox

At one of my last Indigo book signings, an interesting woman came up to my display asking about my book. Super excited, I asked her if she had any children, to which she replied yes, a 4 year old daughter. Whilst starting my response, she quickly probed if I was a Teacher. At first, I was honoured she asked, to which I replied, “I actually chose to get my Business Degree, however, I love to write, I’m a Children’s Author, a Mom, an Inventor, but most importantly, I’m a kid at heart.”

With no response, she looked at me, then slowly turned around, chose a different children’s book, no doubt, also not written by a Teacher, and proceeded to the check out line…

My first instinct was to stand up for myself, literally…stand up and yell, “hey, wait, come back, let me share my story!” I wanted to share my why, the success I’ve had with my own children. To share about how I can help guide her and her child to a confident mindset for a confident future, like I’m doing now for hundreds of children. It dawned on me, this pivotal moment is ‘the’ moment..I sat down, and I laughed to myself…..gotta love these moments in life. These ah-hah moments are the best!

I realized, I am totally where I am supposed to be…

No matter whether we’re 6, 17, or just had our 38th birthday, there will always be someone out there who wants to hold us back, tear us down or deflate our energy. For as long as I can remember, I have written books, stories, and poems. I have guided and coached hundreds of job applicants into successful careers. I have coached thousands of business owners, and for the last two and a half years sharing my writing, teaching and reading techniques to children. What I teach is more important than anything…..growth mindset and positivity are everything!

Guiding our kids to think positively and to believe in themselves is what I know best. It is why I am alive today. I don’t need to have a Bachelor of Education to be a Teacher. We are all Teachers.

My life experiences and my children are my inspiration. I can laugh at these types of situations because of a rock solid mindset, confidence and drive….all build on a solid stream of chaos.

It is my duty to ensure that kids know they are loved, supported, and strong. No matter who is trying to pull them down or away from their dreams, there is only one person standing in their way….and that is themselves.

I am here to ensure your child never stands in their own way.

What I write about and why I write is to motivate children to be the best possible versions of themselves. To love themselves no matter what others think or do to them.

So you ask… “Why do you care so much about children’s mindset and thinking positively?”

…Well, in summation….I stood up to the bullies in high school for myself and for those who couldn’t….because I pulled myself out of the trenches when found out my mother had cancer and stayed strong as a rock…..because I made it through my own #metoo all alone for over 30 years….because I survived a drunk driver running a red light straight into my car…and through it all, I’ve kept my head up high and loved myself because my mom taught me at a very young age that I am Awesome, I am Brave, and I am Confident! She taught me that I am lucky to be me. This mindset, and positive thinking has kept me alive. When so many times, I could have fallen, my mind was able to pull me up.

My Why…

The truth, something happened two years ago and it changed my life. File cabinets came flooding open, memories that were locked away and lost had risen to the top of my list, and trauma I experienced as a child came to the surface. The 6 year old in me is passionate about helping our young build confidence, the 6 year old in me will help families stay together, the 6 year old in me wants to save all 6 year olds….

The 6 year old in me loves to write.

It was my three year old daughter who asked me to put my stories down in a book; I couldn’t believe I had forgotten how much I love to write…

Writing as a child, adolescent and in my early 20’s was “my” way of expressing myself. It was all about getting my emotions and my stories out of my head and down on paper. These stories and emotions were only for me to read. No matter how incorrect I spelled words, or what it read, it always made me feel like I was in control of my thoughts. I filled journals and locked diaries with stories, poems, and feelings. I later filled my trunk with scrunched paper as I would pour my stories and tears onto the crisp white papers below to express how I was feeling, instead of holding it in. Writing for me was a sweet release of emotion.

Writing, for me, was therapy.

My parents divorced when I was 6, and I found myself a lone wolf to keep up on reading. My mother was an amazing inspiration and hard working parent with 3 young children to raise. She was always so strong, even when fighting her ailments. My Dad an amazing mentor, he has the most dedication I’ve ever seen to work. He was also sick all of my life with various ailments, which he also fought like a champ. He always said to me, “If you work hard, always have something in your back pocket, get your degree, that is what matters most…”so that’s what I did. I have always wanted to make my parents proud. Both my parents are two of the strongest people I have ever met.

My favourite memories as a child were when my mom read to us; this attention made me feel whole, supported and loved. From my experience, being read to as a child was single handedly the most important piece of parenting, and these memories are quite literally engrained in my mind as everlasting memories.

Once in school, I loved math, and really struggled with reading. Having been in french immersion since kindergarten, I fell behind. I was not diagnosed with a learning disability as a child, but now as an adult, know I have always had some form of dyslexia as had to follow my finger when reading to keep from losing my place. Even now, I work very hard to focus when reading; letters like to jumble on the page.

The assistance provided by educators was to read and write. So, it was up to me, to take charge; and that is what I did. I picked myself up, motivated myself to learn and grow.

My elementary school life lessons learned involved bullying, depression and my personal #metoo. Having a mom who could read my face, saved my life. My high school life lessons involve standing up to bullies, friend struggles, eating disorders, first loves, peer pressure and positive belief in energy. (All the things that make me, me.)

My mother survived her amazing battle and we are blessed to have her with us today.

While in my 3rd year of College, I was in a life changing car accident that tried to pull me down. I was struck by a stolen car and the driver ran from the scene…so quite literally, a hit and ‘run.’ Watching both my mom and dad fight their fights, I was not going to be defeated, so I too fought my fight; it made me stronger. I fought through the pain, the procedures, the specialists, the pain clinics, and the pills. With determined perseverance, weekly hospital visits, and pain management therapy, 14 years of legal trails, I pushed through obstacles and got back up. Yes, I went from sitting at the front of the class to standing at the back, but I wasn’t going to let this accident hold me down. I was badgered at trial about how it was possible that I did so well in my 4th year after having gone through my accident. For some reason, it was hard for people to believe that the mind, heart and soul are the strongest powers of our being. If we want something and believe hard enough in ourselves, and take action, anything is possible. Even in those toughest of days, when I had a migraine and would be laying on hardwood floor, I would help edit my peers’ papers. I never wanted to let anyone down, so I stood in front of the class after abdominal surgery and gave a presentation, and I graduated on time with my peers with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I am who I am because of my parents, and for that, I will never give up. They provided to me the will to be me, to be strong, to be confident, to love myself and to push through challenges. I learned that the only person who stands in my way, is me.

Today, I live day by day. Some days the pain is worse then others, but I am alive, breathing, strong and a supermom. I literally lived in a house with a demolished kitchen for 7 months with a newborn and 2 year old…if that didn’t take me down, I can do anything!

Today, I am happily married to my best friend, and together fo 17 years. We have 2 amazing children, a house and two black labs. I have been a Dishwasher, Retail Manager, Receptionist, Human Resources Consultant, and for the last decade a Top Media Consultant with one of the largest and long standing media firms in Canada.

I left my incredible career as a very successful Media Consultant to be a Children’s Author and Inventor. I left a role where I made almost $200k/year to make $0 and follow my dreams

Why? Well, it’s because I didn’t believe in what I was doing and getting out of bed for money wasn’t enough for me anymore.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for children in the world and is something I struggled with and survived through.

My true passion in life is to help guide you and your children to a confident future. Our kids of today have so many pressures. With phones, the internet, snapchat and social media…my eyes are wide open. Helping others is my way of feeling fulfilled, helping you and your children is what inspires me and fuels my fire. Helping guide children to a stronger confidence in themselves is what makes me feel whole. I have always wanted to be a motivational speaker for as long as I can remember, and today, I inspire human potential.

So it’s true, my title is not ‘Teacher’ as a profession, but I have been taught and teaching all my life. What I have learned from others, I will give back, what I have lived and learned from my own experiences, I will share. I am constantly educating myself, reading, training, meeting people of influence, and inspiring myself to be the best version of me, so I can share these experiences with you. What I’ve come to learn about myself with all of my life experiences, hardships, education and careers is that I love to help people, and I love to empower others to succeed…my true passion as a parent and a human being is to help guide you and your children to a more inspired future built on confidence, positivity and belief in themselves.

It’s All About the Writing!

My dream is to guide you and your children to have the ability to express yourselves through writing; it all begins with the love of literacy. Let’s not just throw our kids on iPads and iPhones all the time. Let’s remove the “zombie” stigma kids are now receiving, and help to inspire our kids to think, be imaginative, and open minded. To be big dreamers and produce versus just consume.

I am an expert at guiding you to build strong and confident children. It is all about helping these kids be the best possible versions of themselves, and in turn, you will feel like the hero. For you to be comforted knowing you contributed to your child’s success and strong growth mindset. A family that reads together builds memories together, laughs together and experiences love together. As a young child, my most favourite memories with my mother were when she read to us; as a parent now, my most favourite memories are the ones I’m building reading with my children, and yours.

Reading to your child provides the attention they longingly need and crave. My books help guide and provide the tools necessary for them to be fully equipped to fight the pressures of life, bullying, hardships, body image, so not to get lost in the system, and never lose hope in themselves. It is so important for all children, no matter their age, to be heard and loved and appreciated for who they are.

I will always be a kid at heart, and I am proud to call myself a ‘Children’s Author.’ I am now going full throttle into this field and taking action to make even a small imprint on change. If I save one child, this will all be worth it.

No matter our learning ability, we should all be appreciated for our quirks, our uniqueness and our perfect imperfections.

My goal is to help guide you and your babes to a confident future, to be inspired, imaginative, to be the best we can all be…

Anything is possible when you believe- imagination is power!

Yours Truly,

6 year old Laura Fox.

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